The growing interest in the ICI Journals Master List database, based on the the number of applications each year and the number of journals which have not met the criteria required for the indexation, have inspired us to create a global database of scientific journals the ICI World of Journals. The ICI Journals Master List is the indexing database of scientific journals which have successfully undergone the annual process of multidimensional evaluation and which have received the ICV (Index Copernicus Value).

The ICI Journals Master List is an international indexation database of scientific journals. Each year all of its periodicals which have met formal requirements for indexation are evaluated. All journals registered in the ICI World of Journals may apply for the evaluation.

A comprehensive evaluation of scientific journals which have applied for the evaluation has been carried out in the ICI Journals Master List database for over ten years. In 2015, over five thousand journals successfully passed the evaluation process. It is based on a multidimensional parametric assessment – over 100 assessment criteria divided into corresponding fields of journal’s activity. Periodicals which successfully pass the evaluation process are awarded an ICV (Index Copernicus Value) – valid for one year only – which reflects the level of the journal’s development and its impact in the international scientific circles.

In 2016, Index Copernicus carried out, for the first time in the history of the national bibliometrics, a comprehensive project which consisted in calculating the number of citations referred to in Polish scientific journals in 2010–2015. On the basis of data collected in the ICI Journals Master List database, we have determined the number of citations for over 14 thousand scientific journals (citation rate), which solved almost six million records – items in attachment bibliographies.

Journals indexed in the database possess the ICV (Index Copernicus Value) for a given year and thus may order an ornate certificate or purchase a license to use the logo of Index Copernicus


Index Copernicus Value (ICV) is a valued measure for the evaluation of scientific journals. It has been recognised by public administration bodies, scientific units and other scientific entities. The results of journals’ evaluation in the ICI Journals Master List database are used by scientific units and public sector institutions in Poland, EU countries (the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria) and in other countries.

The ICV is used by:

• publishers of scientific journals – in order to get to know the evaluation of a given journal, its strengths and weaknesses, and to take actions which will help increase journal’s citation rates and prestige of both the journal and its publisher;
• researchers – in order to find out: where to publish their articles and which journals are worth reading so as to find reliable information necessary to carry out their research;
• scientific units – interested in acquiring information on the strengths and weaknesses of journals published by a given scientific unit, which influences a periodic evaluation of research workers;
• public institutions – which use the ICV as a criterion for the allocation of financial resources in the field of science.