The growing interest in the ICI Journals Master List database, the number of applications and the number of journals which have not met the criteria required for the indexation, have inspired us to create a global database of scientific journals the ICI World of Journals. The ICI Journals Master List is the indexing database of scientific journals which have undergone the process of multidimensional evaluation.

The ICI World of Journals gathers information regarding scientific journals from various sources. Thus, we share comprehensive information regarding the scope of activity, editors and publication of scientific journals to scientists.

The ICI World of Journals is one of the largest international databases of scientific journals from all over the world, where all periodicals may be indexed. Currently, over 43 thousand journals are registered in the database. Due to the high interest of journals from all over the world in our database, we have introduced improvements and functions aiming at detecting ‘predatory journals’ practices. The idea behind the ICI World of Journals database is creating a place where scientific journals would undergo such verification.

Within the ICI World of Journals database, each editorial office accesses, free of charge, the IT system which enables maintaining a Journal Passport. It is a modern way of presenting periodicals. As a result, researchers searching the ICI World of Journals database and looking for reliable journals may access the most up-to-date information. Check other possibilities of Journal Passport.

Information concerning a journal is divided into a few sections in the ICI World of Journals database. Apart from information on the editors, publisher, online version and description, the editorial offices may also share information concerning the contents of particular issues (including titles of articles and authors with their affiliations). Publishing metadata and information concerning authors’ contribution in the article ensures the transparency of editors’ activity for scientists searching the database. Publishing the full attachment bibliography in the ICI World of Journals database allows for journal’s citations identification. Editorial offices may also share full texts of scientific articles published in their periodical, which allows for entering the digital world of science. Content digitisation is the key to expanding the range of recipients and reaching scientists from all over the world. Journals registered in the ICI World of Journals may submit an annual evaluation questionnaire to the ICI Journals Master List database.

Registration in the database, access to the IT system enabling content management in Journal Passport and publishing articles are free of charge.