The growing interest in ICI Journals Master List database , the number of journals that do not fulfil criteria necessary for positive completion of indexation process was an inspiration to create global scientific journals database ICI World of Journals. ICI World of Journals is the third largest international database. In 2014 the number of registered journals amounted to about 22 thousand. Since then, more and more Editorial offices have decided to present their publication achievements to the scientists from all over the world. Currently, there are over 45 thousand journals that are registered in the database and the number of users visiting our website exceeds 70 thousand from 150 countries every month.

ICI World of Journals is a basic tool recommended for every scientific journal which enables to strengthen the process of its digitalisation. Within the framework of the ICI World of Journals database every Editorial office gets free of charge access to the IT system which enables managing Journal Passport. The system represents a new way of scientific periodical presentations in the virtual world.

Due to advanced search engine ICI World of Journals users may find the most up-to-date information on every registered journal. Editorial offices that share at least metadata of published articles significantly increase their chances to improve citation rates and build strong journal position.

ATTENTION: The registration of a journal in the database, access do the IT system that enables managing content in Journal Passport is free of charge. Registration and maintenance of the Passport in the ICI World of Journals database does not equal to the journal’s indexation in the ICI Journals Master List database.