ICI Publishers Panel is a unique tool for implementing the process of an editorial journal. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use online platform that does not require installing any additional software. Developed by the expert system allows for a consistent and comprehensive linking of all actions processing and preparation of a journal for publication; the establishment meets international standards for on-line version and distributing articles to external databases to increase the coverage and the journal citation.

ICI Publishers Panel allows you to:

• carry out the editorial process entirely through the electronic system,

• submit manuscripts by authors, via the internet, using the convenient form,

• review manuscripts using flexible questionnaire reviews,

• create an easy-to-edit website journal that meets the criteria of on-line version,

• introduction of current releases and an archive of journals, including the content of articles in HTML format for direct read on the page,

• generate numbers DOI integrated with the editing process manuscript, without having to manually enter data into the system CrossRef,

• examine reports of user activities or view abstracts and download the full content of scientific articles published on the journal, allowing you to create a policy PUBLISHING based on the facts,

• publish articles in the model Ahead of print,

• sell single articles or annual subscription of the electronic version of the journal, and charge by the editors, e.g. for filing or the publication of the manuscript by the integration platform DotPay,

• collect the contact details of people interested in the content of the journal, thanks to the "Subscribe to newsletter",

• distribute metadata to external databases, such as PubMed, DOAJ, CrossRef, POL-index, and many others.

Editors that implement the publishing process through the ICI Publishers Panel:

• significantly improve the distribution of published scientific content,

• implement international standards of publishing in both electronic and print,

• increase the score in the evaluation of Higher Education,

• build indicators citation both in Poland and abroad.

To learn more about ICI Publishers Panel, and details offer, please contact us at +48 22 487 53 93 or at publisherspanel@indexcopernicus.com