Scientific Marketing

The priority of Index Copernicus in relation to scientific marketing is to promote the national scientific achievements within the international scientific and business environment. Establishing international scientific cooperation enables Polish scientists to promote their concepts, research and projects created locally, but also draw on the best global solutions, which allows for implementing them in everyday scientific and research works. This in turn enables Index Copernicus to establish scientific activity of domestic scientists and researchers, proving that the Polish science can be competitive in the global arena.

Index Copernicus offers the scientific institutions a way to prepare the strategy and support promotion of scientific activities carried out by the given institution. The use of modern scientific marketing tools also supports creation of the institution image as innovative and setting out the local - and even global - standards for organisation and activity. Carrying out the scientific marketing activities and communication requires a multidimensional and specialised knowledge due to the specificity, expectations and differentiation of the recipients. Index Copernicus initiates and supports the promotion of scientific activity of:

• scientific units;

• consortia of scientific projects and specific research projects;

• NGOs - associations, foundations and public benefit organizations;

• scientific journals.

The comprehensive strategy for the promotion of scientific activity involves the development of an individual plan aligned with the nature of the promoted activity as well as the subject or the entity being the initiator of the promoted achievements. Within the individually prepared plan Index Copernicus proposes different forms of presentations of the promoted activity - from audiovisual materials through mailing and development of websites dedicated to individual projects, through the scientific or information publications on the given project in accordance with standards of scientific publications.