Calculating citation indicators for Polish scientific journals
Dear All, we are pleased to announce the initiative to develop national bibliometric sciences undertaken by the Index Copernicus Team - the CiteIndex project. The aim of the project is to measure the impact of Polish scientific journals, i.e. to identify in scientific publications that appeared in 2020 the citations of articles published in all Polish periodicals in 2017-2019. As a result of the project, the impact indicators for Polish scientific journals will be determined, including the Hirsch Index for 2020 and the 3-year CiteIndex.
The ICI Journals Master List 2020 survey is open now!
We kindly inform you that from 4 May 2021 Editorial Offices and scientific journal Publishers may fill out the evaluation surveys for 2020 and submit their journals to indexation in the ICI Journals Master List 2020. The evaluation survey should be completed by 30 July 2021.