Experts Index Copernicus conducted research - development in terms of the concept of Scientific Resource Planning (SRP). This method is effective planning management of all the company's resources. On this basis, we developed an original concept of information and communication systems of the new class to support the creation of scientific achievements. The system provides management of research units in one place, a set of necessary knowledge to run research unit.

The communication system supports creating a scientific concept similar to Enterprise Resource Planning. Implementing a computer system prepared indicators to make it possible to restore the relationship between the individual achievements of individuals. It is, among others, to determine which achievements were expenditures to produce further scientific achievements.

The system allows cascading goals throughout the organization for the individual organizational units. It is possible to define tasks for specific members of the project groups and projects with predetermined strategic objectives. The logging key is carried out by a scientific unit with pre-defined projects and their analysis in the context of the objectives. The system is allowed for systematic measurement of the level of implementation of the objectives, and it is analyzing deviations and defining corrective tasks.

The proposed service support system manages creating scientific achievements by the scientific units, based on the concept of a balanced scorecard.