Publishing of Scientific Journals

Index Copernicus, in cooperation with the scientific environment, is also proposing comprehensive cooperation in publishing. The offer is adapted individually to the needs and expectations of the Editor. It includes both the implementation of the publishing process (in Polish, English and others) and the process of commercialization successes for publication in acquiring advertisers. Ongoing research and its experience in evaluating scientific journals can use their knowledge practice.

Professional publishing activities, worked out during the ten years of experience in the Index Copernicus issuing scientific journals assume:

1. Development of a comprehensive strategy aimed at obtaining publishing indicators citation and achieving high ratings conducted evaluations, including in the evaluation of Higher Education and the indexing of the list of ISI (JCR).

2. Implementation of the Index Copernicus entire publishing process under international standards - including issuing electronic version of the journal in English (Translation, proofreading, editing, typesetting and publication). This will allow editors to concentrate on obtaining the best scientific articles.

3. Implementation of the distribution process and the promotion of scientific papers among the widest possible international audience, including scientific databases, electronic content repositories, and scientific counterparts around the world, which will contribute to strengthening the international position of the journal, to improve the recognition and respect of increasing the citation.

4. Cooperation based on a business model that allows the journal to build financial independence.

The high-quality publishing services guarantees many years of experience in issuing ICI journal and a team of experienced staff. Individuals who transfer the publishing process to ICI rely on the expertise of experts in evaluation and promotion of journals, thanks to the precise knowledge of the laws regulating the activities of scientific journals, including the duties and rights. The cooperation, which we realize with our partners goes far beyond the standard publishing services, in addition to providing:

• Analysis of indicators and preparation of journals to raise / maintain the scoring in the conduct evaluations, especially in the parameterization of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, while providing regular updates and adaptation of publishing strategies to changes in national legislation, to prevent potential lost positions of journals until indexing in Web Of Science.

• Significant facilitation in attracting authors and reviewers with access to an international database of IC Scientists, which gathered over 300,000 profiles of scientists from around the world.

• Facilitate establishing cooperation with foreign journals industry and research units - the base IC Journals Master List is over 22 000 journals from all over the world and over 5 000 research units.

Among the journals that have entrusted the publishing process (full service publishing or issuing electronic version)of ICI are journals both from the list B of the list of journals scoring the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and journals from the list A with an index Impact Factor in the list JCR (list of Philadelphia ), among others "Progress Hygiene and Experimental Medicine", "Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine" (for a few years the highest rate of Impact Factor among all Polish journals), "Progress Microbiology", "Journal of Stomatology", "Otolaryngology Poland" and others.

Our goal is to achieve the targets and sustainable development partners at the same time.