INDEX COPERNICUS SP. Z O. O. is implementing a contract concerning co-financing no. POIR.02.01.00-00-0101/17-00, co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Measure 2.1 Support for investment in R&D infrastructure of enterprises.

Project title: “Establishment of a Research and Development Center at Index Copernicus Sp. z o.o. for conducting research and development works on innovative information technologies”

Total project value: PLN 3,807,136.59
Project financing amount: PLN 2,166,663.10

Thanks to the creation of the Index Copernicus research laboratory, the company will be able to conduct research and development work on studying components of new innovative services not offered on the market until this moment - including prototypes of IT systems of a special Scientific Resource Planning class, whose conceptual assumptions are elaborated and developed by the company.

Research on new, innovative prototypes of solutions in the field of ICT systems will allow us to offer products and services that respond to numerous end-user needs (scientific units, publishers of scientific journals and enterprises wanting to run R&D projects in cooperation with scientific units), in the future enabling implementation of the most optimal services / technologies, shortening the order execution time (evaluation), thus translating into optimization of search of citations / evaluation process / determining the potential of knowledge resources.