Journals Passports


Within the framework of the ICI World of Journals every Editorial office gets free of charge access to the IT system which enables managing Journal Passport. The system represents a new way of scientific periodical presentations in the virtual world. Editorial offices of over 45 thousands of journals make information about their activity area, Editorial office members, or scientific publication presented in a periodical available to scientists from 150 countries. Due to that, scientists visitting ICI World of Journals database in order to find reliable and credible journals will find there the most up-to-date information on a given periodical.


In the ICI World of Journals database, the data about journals are presented in the subsections. Beside information on editorial office members, publisher, online issues or description, Editorial office may also disclose information on the content of particular issues. The system enables publishing information on research papers published in a journal, abstracts, full content in the PDF format and attachment bibliography at once (via XML file) or individually. Up-to-date information presented in Journal Passport, as well as availability of scientific achievements increase periodical range, thus help building citation rate. Metadata and information on authors’ contribution in the process of creating research paper assure scientists that visit our database of Editorial office transparency. Due to disclosing full information on scientific publications, citations of journals registered in ICI World of Journals database are identified.

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Journal Representative

Journal Passport in the ICI Journals Master List database is managed by its Representative. Any member of journal Editorial office may be assigned to a journal. Apart from possibility to enter scientific papers, Journal Representative is also eligible to:

• take care about current information presented in the Passport,
• communicate with Index Copernicus company – all notifications are sent to every user e-mail address,
• fill out annual evaluation questionnaires in the ICI Journals Master List database ,
• order Index Copernicus products .

Editorial offices that regularly update their Journal Passport presents their scientific achievements to over 70 thousand users from 150 countries every month, thereby they:


Program for calculating citations

Index Copernicus is one of the few entities in the world that identifies connections between object and, ipso facto, automaticaly calculates citations of journals registered in ICI World of Journals database. In 2016, for the first time in the history of national scientometrics and bibliometrics, we carried out a complex project aimed at calculating citations of publications used in scientific journals between 2010 and 2015. On the basis of attachement bibliography provided by registered journals, citations for years 2010-2017 were identified. Subsequent data are constantly updated. Based on data gathered in the ICI World of Journals database, we determined the number of citations for over 14 thousand scientific journals. Thus, over 6 million items in attachment bibliographies were isolated. Every registered Editorial office has access to detailed reports on citations that contains information on, for example articles that cite a given journal, journals that most frequently cite, or the most frequently cited publication years. Currently, development works of improving tools are underway and citations rates have not been included in the ICI Journals Master List evaluation methodology yet.