For scientists

ICI Journals Master List, a search engine for scientific journals, is a response to questions asked by many scientists:

„Where and how should I publish my scientific achievements in order to reach the largest group of interested readers?”

„How to build my own index of citations or Hirsh index?”

„What are the leading journals in my discipline and are they available for me?”

The advanced search engine allows you to look for periodicals with a specific score of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, browse the particular list (A, B, C), or select periodicals with a specific ICV grade in a specific discipline. By combining information about ICV assessment, score of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the number of citations, the author can estimate the trends in points based on many parameters. Combining this information with the number of citations allows to choose appropriate periodicals corresponding to your needs. In the case of journals whose Editors uploaded reference lists, abstracts, or full articles, it is also possible to browse uploaded content.

Thanks to the ICI Journals Master List web search engine, researchers have access to information on:

• The Editor and the publisher of the journal and their contact details.

• Profile of the scientific journal with a list of databases where the journal is indexed.

• Data about the details, i.e. frequency, cost and availability of content.

• Score awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and ICV (Index Copernicus Value).

• Number of citations of Polish journals.

All information comes from Journal Passports, which are fully managed by the Editors.

The website is a new, original solution developed by Index Copernicus International and it will be continuously enhanced and expanded. The website is targeted at individuals who participate in academic life. Therefore, we would like to continuously improve our service with your help. Should you notice any mistakes or have any comments regarding functionality of the website, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: suggestions@indexcopernicus.com